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Over 4+ Years of Proven Business Excellence and Client Satisfaction.

IVBM [OPC] PVT LTD is one of the top business consultancy firms in Cochin, India founded by Mr. Jafar Sadik. We embarked our journey with MULTIPLE PORTFOLIO COMPANY LIMITED a consultancy firm located at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dammam. By putting together the exceptional knowledge and extensive experience in this field we aim to provide our clients highly professional services pertaining to personalized management, legal and technological support. We believe that continuous and consistent evolution is the key to maintaining a systematic business environment around us. By identifying right people at the right place and training them to achieve objectives, we create success stories in organizations and our focus is on designing integrated solutions to compete with the developing world.

  • IT Services

    Fueling Business Growth Through Innovation, Efficiency, and Exceptional Digital Solutions.

  • Finance Services

    Tailored Strategies, Financial Expertise, and Personalized Solutions for Your Success.

Jafar Sadik

Managing Director & CEO

Delivering and Satisfying Promises

"Delivering and Satisfying Promises" is a call to action, inspiring individuals and businesses to embrace transparency, accountability, and excellence in their dealings. It signifies a commitment to not only meeting expectations but consistently exceeding them, leaving behind a trail of delighted and loyal customers.

We have a dedicated team to cater your requirements of efficient talents to work for the progress of your organization.


Keep Your Business Safe & Ensure High Availability.

Your Business Safety Is Our Priority: Rely on Our Expertise for Unwavering Reliability and Success.

We believe financial planning has the power to improve the quality of life and the way we think about our future hence it is essential to maintain a favorable balance between the finance and organization.

Performed by professionals with an in-depth understanding of business culture, systems and processes our internal audit activities provides assurance on mitigation of financial risks, effective and efficient governance processes and achieving the business objectives.

Providing highly skilled assistance in the financial requirements of an organization on varied financial duties including budgeting, identifying marketing trends, obtaining money and preparing financial forecasts.

We deliver efficient services that help the clients to analyze financial situations while taking important business decisions. Creating financial documents, stabilizing financial balance, optimizing accounting procedures and forecasting future profits are the most important operations we perform.

Evaluating the economy, efficiency and effectiveness with a dedicated team of performance auditors to implement performance culture within the organization so as to progress with innovative solutions in a more profitable manner.

The most important process in an organization is decision making, it needs a deep understanding and knowledge about the status of various departments of the organization. We deliver expert services to make your decision making precise and thus yielding the best and better results.

Verification of the cost records, statements and data to ensure the balance within the prescribed cost accounting procedures and plans. By fostering a continuous follow up to avoid any kind of mistakes and malpractices.

We deliver a systematic approach in measuring the performance in all levels and with this process an organization aligns its mission, goals and objectives with available resources.

We provide reliable and full-fledged zakah and tax accounting services and our aim is to assure reasonable quality in preparing accounting research and consulting. In the present global economy there is an immediate need for effective zakah and tax advice which gives your business a competitive advantage.

"Their professionalism, reliability, and expertise have been instrumental in our success."

Abdul Rahman Valappil

Chairman, Layan Super Market

“They have been a trusted partner in the success and growth of my business, and I am grateful for their outstanding work."

Shabhas Valappil

Director, Al Anud Arabia Trading Company

“IVBM [OPC] PVT LTD is a team of highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of the complexities of accounting and tax regulations.”


General Manager, Ultimate Spark Trading Company

“Their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring compliance with all regulations and standards is truly commendable.”


General Manager, Hilal Al Sharqiya Trading Company